Happy Meter

Where Job Fulfilment is Put First

Our world where politics, nepotism and favouritism fuel most companies, dissatisfaction eventually ensue among colleagues in our workplace. People put on a masquerade at office, to mask who they are not. They may be good at what they do but unhappy – or vice versa. This creates a disproportional scale of individuals in the society where most potential are hindered or not being unleashed.

Imagine a world where job happiness, satisfaction and productivity are prioritized before monetary.

A wrist band you wear to work that measures your happiness, satisfaction and productivity. You get paid more by having a full bar of these factors, but less with a lower bar rating.

Compare two individuals working on the same task, one could be paid twice the amount of another because he/she truly appreciates and enjoy the job. The motivation is not money, but the idea of getting the best of yourself at a job. In this world, people won’t be looking for the best paying job, but the most satisfying job, and then be rewarded.

Overtime, we will have a society of satisfied workers regardless of job hierarchy. Everyone will fit into a system where they truly belong and be happy with.